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Tytus Michalski, Managing Partner at Fresco Capital

In this edition of the Seedcamp Podcast Series focused on Asia, Carlos Espinal talks with Tytus Michalski, Managing Partner at Fresco Capital about the startup investment ecosystem in Asia.

Tytus discussed his background, how he became involved in investing, offering his insights on what founders should consider when expanding to this geography, and the risks and challenges of not taking into account the cultural differences. Tytus has been investing, working and living in Asia since 1999. Previously, he was Chief Investment Officer of Equities at PMA Investment Advisors, an institutional hedge fund. He is an active supporter of startup ecosystem in Hong Kong and Asia with an emphasis on mentorship and education.

Josh Elman, Partner at Greylock Partners

In this episode we were joined by Josh Elman, Partner at Greylock Partners.

Josh discussed his background and how he became involved in investing, and the criteria that VCs commonly use to assess whether a startup is ready for their investment.

He joined Greylock Partners in 2011 and invests in entrepreneurs building new consumer products and services. Josh specialises in designing, building, and scaling consumer products, having been part of multiple companies that have grown to more than 100 million users.

Gillian Davis, Author of First Time Leader, on How to Run a Startup As a Leader

For many of the young, ambitious founders that we back, starting a company might be the first time they’ve had to manage a team. Yet very quickly they’ll need to not only manage a growing startup, but also transform into leading an organisation that could easily grow from 2 to 200 people in just a few short years.

So for this month’s Academy we invited in Gillian Davis, author of 'First Time Leader' and Director of Leadership Development at ustwo, to talk about how to run your startup like a leader.

Neil Rimer, Founding Partner of Index Ventures

In this episode we sat down with Neil Rimer, a Founding Partner of Index Ventures - one of the world's leading VC firms.

We talked about Neil's start in venture capital, founding Index Ventures, and identifying when you're ready to raise funding and finding the right investor for your startup.

Neil co-founded Index Ventures with Giuseppe Zocco and David Rimer in 1996. Previously he spent 4 years with Montgomery Securities in San Francisco before joining Index Securities in 1990. He has invested in market-defining companies from across the spectrum including Betfair (LSE: BET), Genmab, FundingCircle, Climate Corp. (MON) HouseTrip, Kaggle, (CBS), MOO and Supercell. He has served on the board of U.C. Sampdoria, and currently serves on the board of Human Rights Watch.

John Collison, Co-founder of Stripe

During our latest Seedcamp Academy session we were joined by Stripe co-founder John Collison.

He shared the story of how he grew the online payment provider with his brother, from securing the first few clients to managing the tens of thousands of clients using Stripe today.

John grew up in Ireland and founded his first startup, Shuppa, in 2007. After merging the company just a year later, John moved to Harvard to study Psychology. In 2010, John cofounded Stripe, receiving backing from Paypal cofounders, Peter Thiel, Elon Musk, and Max Levchin.

Taylor Wescoatt on Product and Product Roadmaps (3 of 3)

In this edition of the Seedcamp Podcast Series, Carlos Espinal continues his discussion with Taylor Wescoatt (Entrepreneur in Residence at Seedcamp) about the Behavioural Product Roadmap model.

Having previously discussed the Vision Roadmap, Taylor explains how to move from a Proposition to targeted Behaviours, and then finally into what you are building.

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Reshma & Carlos Take On: What is an Acceleration Fund?

In this episode the Seedcamp founders Reshma and Carlos discuss what an Acceleration Fund is and its differences to an accelerator. They cover the history of Seedcamp, how it evolved over time, and what the current programme looks like today.

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Taylor Wescoatt on Product and Product Roadmaps (2 of 3)

In this edition of the Seedcamp Podcast Series, Carlos Espinal continues his discussion with Taylor Wescoatt (Entrepreneur in Residence at Seedcamp) about the Behavioural Product Roadmap model.

In particular, they focus on Taylor's Vision Roadmap, which has been created to help startups action their vision in a smart and structured way using tried and tested techniques that Taylor developed throughout his 20 year career in Product and UX.

To learn more about the Vision Roadmap, click here:

Andy McLoughlin from founder to investor at SoftTech VC

We caught up with Andy to talk about his experience raising investment for Huddle, growing the business, his latest experience as an investor, and some of the lessons he'd tell his younger self.

After graduating with a degree in Economics, Andy switched careers to work at a telco company where, amongst other things, he implemented a document management system. This and his experience handling documents and collaboration at subsequent jobs, was the inspiration for Huddle - the world's leading Enterprise content collaboration platform. With some success under his belt, Andy recently joined SoftTech VC as Venture Partner.

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Daniel King on the Startup Sales Process and Scaling

We had to sit down with Sales and Partnerships guru and Seedcamp mentor, Daniel King to ask him about how to start thinking about building out a Sales organization within a startup. Daniel is also an Non-Exec Director in Seedcamp Company Profitero.

Daniel is an executive leader with more than 15 years experience in Senior Management, with a focus on Digital and Online Media, Retail and eCommerce technology, Data, BI, Analytics, SaaS platforms and Market Research. Extensive knowledge in investing, advising, and scaling high-growth companies including international expansion. Hands-on experience in building, managing, developing and retaining teams. Daniel is on the board of many companies and has an amazing track record of companies he's helped scale. You can learn more about him and get in touch with him here: