This Much I Know is the popular podcast from Seedcamp, Europe’s seed fund

Heidi Roizen of DFJ

We had a chance to chat with Heidi Roizen of DFJ and hear her story and what she looks for in founders as well as how to manage key stages in a company's life.

Heidi Roizen is the operating partner at DFJ. She has spent her life immersed in the Silicon Valley ecosystem as an entrepreneur, corporate executive, venture capitalist, educator, and member of the boards of directors of private and public companies, trade associations and nonprofit institutions.

After receiving her undergraduate and MBA degrees from Stanford University, Heidi co-founded T/Maker Company (an early personal computer software company) in 1983, where she served as CEO from inception through its acquisition by Deluxe Corporation in 1994. In 1996, Heidi joined Apple as vice president of worldwide developer relations. From there, Heidi entered the venture capital world, serving as a managing director of Mobius Venture Capital from 1999 to 2007.

Heidi is also a Fenwick and West Entrepreneurship Educator in the Department of Engineering at Stanford University, where she teaches the course Spirit of Entrepreneurship. Heidi is a member of the boards of directors DMGT (LSE:DMGT), ShareThis, and Technorati, and serves on the advisory boards of Springboard Enterprises and the National Center for Women in Information Technology.

Bretton Putter of the Forsyth Group

In this Podcast, we have a chance to sit down with Brett from the Forsyth group (, an Executive Search Firm.

Covering everything from how to prepare for hiring internally to how to deal with egos, Brett shares his wealth of knowledge both from the point of view of his current role placing top candidates within top-tier firms, to his time as a founder himself.

Eytan Lerba, Entrepreneur & Googler

While visiting Youtube's main offices in California, we had the chance to meet with Eytan Lerba, a Founder turned Googler (currently he's a Manager of Strategy at YouTube) who had some very interesting stories to tell regarding his journey starting Wizit (

Bram Kanstein of Product Hunt

We had the chance to sit down with Top Product Hunter & European Community Manager @producthunt, Bram Kanstein to talk about his @startupstash story and role within Product Hunt.

During our chat he provides us with valuable tips for any company considering listing on Product Hunt. Having launched the #2 most upvoted product of all time on Product Hunt, it comes with a lot of weight!

Sten Tamkivi, CEO & Co-Founder of Teleport

Sten, founder of Teleport (, a Seedcamp & A16Z company, has created an online service to help discover and budget your next move.

We had the chance to sit down and learn how his notable background (serial entreprenuer, advisor to the President of Estonia, GM @ Skype, and EIR @ A16Z) helped shape the origins of the company and how he is serving an ever increasing pool of people around the world who are mobile because of their career.

Rob Go of Nextview Ventures

We had the chance to sit down and chat with co-founder Rob Go of NextView Ventures while at their offices in Boston.

With a background in operational product-focused roles at eBay, Fidelity and BzzAgent, and having spent some time as a VC at Spark Capital prior to starting NextView, Rob brings a wealth of different points of view to the companies he works with.

Chris Traganos, Director of Developer Relations at Evernote

As Director of Developer Relations at Evernote, Chris plays an important role in evangelising Evernote's API as well as working to improve the tools, services, and outreach for Evernote's community of developers around the world.

We had a chance to sit down with Chris and talk to him about how he's worked with companies in the past, what he has seen be successful (and not), and what he recommends for anyone wishing to create their own public API.

Jeff Bussgang of Flybridge Capital and author of Mastering the VC Game

We had a chance to sit down with Jeff, author of Mastering the VC Game to get his insights on company development and what he looks for in a founder.

Jeff is a former entrepreneur (Upromise, Open Market) who joined Flybridge in 2002 and focuses on the consumer, marketing services, e-commerce, software and mobile start-up markets. On the side, he serves as a Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School where he teaches a class on entrepreneurship and lean start-ups called Launching Technology Ventures and has co-authored ten HBS cases. Jeff also currently sits on the board of MITX, the Massachusetts Innovation and Technology Exchange and is a Founding Executive Committee Member of First Growth Venture Network, a network of venture and angel investors supporting entrepreneurs building companies in the New York area.

Jeff holds a BA in Computer Science from Harvard University where he graduated magna cum laude and an MBA from Harvard Business School where he was a Baker Scholar and a Ford Scholar.

Richard Liu, Founder of DSPTCH

Building a brand is no easy feat, in particular, a brand that generates customer passion. Richard Liu, an ex-Paypal and LinkedIn team member, decided to pursue his passion and build a brand around what he needed, and we had the chance to catch up with him and hear how he went from desk jockey to brand jockey in the process.

DSPTCH is a bag, case and accessory manufacturing company based in San Francisco. Their products focus on taking military and tactical functionality and reapplying it to consumer travel bags and accessories.

Sonny Vu, Founder of Misfit

While in San Francisco, we had the chance to sit down and have a quick chat with Sonny and explore the origins of Misfit, his relationships with John Sculley and Noam Chomsky, and his vision for changing people's lives through amazing products.

More on Sonny: Founder of Misfit, makers of award-winning wearable and smart home products, including Shine and Flash, elegant activity and sleep monitors, and Bolt, a smart color-changing bulb. Founder of AgaMatrix, makers of the world's first iPhone-connected hardware medical device, and 15+ other FDA-cleared products. Previously: Microsoft Research machine learning / linguistic tech, UIUC math BS, MIT linguistics PhD work w/ Noam Chomsky. Knows some interesting languages and is a patron of good design. Longing to make 10x solutions for big problems and building a company that matters.

Note: A fan was on in the room (the room was really hot) and was creating some background noise until about minute 5 in the podcast.