This Much I Know is the popular podcast from Seedcamp, Europe’s seed fund

Seedcamp Partner, Carlos Espinal, shares the inside story from startup founders, investors and leading tech voices: the people who’ve built businesses, scaled globally, failed fantastically and learnt massively.

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Seedcamp Sessions: David Mytton on SaaS funding

I launched the Seedcamp 'This Much I Know' Podcast back in 2015 with a view to hearing and sharing the exceptional and often unknown stories of many inspirational thought leaders. We've learned about our guests' lives, goals and ambitions as well as their thoughts and first-hand experiences when it comes to building and scaling startups, teams and communities.

As we near our 150th podcast and following feedback from you, our listeners, we are introducing a new, shorter-form podcast called 'Sessions'. Our Sessions interviews will be hyper-focused on a specific issue, idea or functional area and provide you with digestible content and tangible actions you can take away and apply to your own businesses.

Naturally, we will continue to do our long-form podcasts for those of you who enjoy the deeper dives and we hope Sessions will be the perfect accompaniment to this.

So please do tune in and let us know your thoughts along with any 'Session' areas you'd like us to explore or guests you'd like to recommend.

We're thrilled to kickstart Sessions with David Mytton, CEO of Server Density, on why you can't build SaaS without significant funding

In a recent blog post, David argues you can't build a SaaS company in 2018 without significant funding. With increased competition from alternative vendors, investing in product and engineering to differentiate from other solutions is imperative -- and comes at a significant expense. Tune into this informative podcast as David, who received investment from Seedcamp in 2009, explores why bootstrapping a SaaS business in 2018 is no longer viable plus much more.

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Daniel P. Glasner, Partner at Cherry Ventures, on the 'cookbook' for managing a salesforce

Daniel is a founding partner at the Berlin-based fund, Cherry Ventures. With a consulting background at McKinsey before co-founding CityDeal (acquired by Groupon) and later Quandoo - the SaaS company for restaurants sold to Recruit Holdings - Daniel's knows first-hand what it takes to found and lead a business as well as what to look for when it comes to backing successful ones.

Speaking to Seedcamp partner Carlos Espinal, Daniel discusses his transition into venture and startups from consulting as well as lessons learnt from scaling CityDeal and Quandoo. He reveals the 'cookbook' for recruiting, onboarding and managing an effective tech salesforce which was 'applied at the Groupon universe'. Referencing Groupon's purchase of CityDeal, the two also discuss how to smoothly navigate acquisition processes, from pre-acquisition conversations right through to the division of responsibilities following a deal.

Daniel holds a PhD in law from Vienna School of Law and an MBA from INSEAD and he has lived and worked in Vienna, São Paulo, London and Singapore.

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Finding Flavour: Jude's Ice Cream and Rubies in the Rubble on building loved brands

In the crowded marketplaces of food and retail, how do you carve out space for independent new brands? For Jenny Costa, founder of Rubies in the Rubble, and Alex Mezger, director at the family managed Jude's Ice Cream, the answer lies in competing on the best quality products possible and relying on an authentic messaging.

Since 2011, Rubies in the Rubble has been producing high quality relishes and jams out of surplus produce that would otherwise go to waste. The business has gone from concocting recipes in home kitchens to selling in some of the UK's leading retailers and nailing deals with giants like Virgin. It has been important, Jenny says, to bring an authentic vibrancy to the brand, ensuring the product did not get 'lost in the supermarket shelves'.

Similarly for Alex at Jude's Ice Cream, the priority is in delighting customers. 'If it's down to price and price alone, we'll walk away,' he says. The business began as a family-run affair and remains that way. 'In terms of working wth family, it's grounded in respect and knowing each others' strengths, and working to these', says Alex. Jude's also 'massively over-invests in innovation' – leading to experiments like their black coconut flavour.

Listen to learn more about navigating supply chain difficulties, nailing brand messaging, managing the compromises between price and quality, and the secrets behind running successful food brands.

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CrunchFund partner Susan Hobbs on making major career changes and storytelling for founders

Susan is a Partner at CrunchFund, the seed-stage fund launched by TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington which has invested in the likes of Airbnb, Vine (acquired by Twitter), Cruise (acquired by GM for a reported $1 billion), Onfido and Previously, Susan worked at Y Combinator and as the Director of Global Programming at TechCrunch where she focused on major events and the Startup Battlefield. Susan began her career as a teacher in Southern California before making a major transition in 2004 to join a hardware startup based in the UK and Silicon Valley. Susan was the first non-engineering hire at both Codian (acquired by Tandberg in 2007, then by Cisco Systems in 2008) and at CoTweet (acquired by ExactTarget in 2010, then by in 2013).

Speaking to Seedcamp partner Carlos Espinal, Susan discusses her intriguing transition from teaching to venture, arguing that both disciplines require being quick on one's feet and the capacity to connect well with others. Recalling her experiences working at several acquired companies, Susan argues that a successful acquisition requires a level of autonomy for the acquired company post-purchase: "Never leave very smart people with nothing to do because they will very quickly get bored, especially if they are entrepreneurial, and start something else." Given CrunchFund's journalistic origins, the firm also spends a lot of time supporting portfolio founders in 'storytelling', and Susan discusses just how the fund helps entrepreneurs craft their narrative.

Learn more about how Susan ended up in venture (following encouragement by Y Combinator's Sam Altman), her time leading global programming for TechCrunch and what CrunchFund focuses on in looking for new companies to back.

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Sonali De Rycker, Accel Partner on spotting startup talent and lessons learned from Nordic culture

There's no 'blueprint' for how to spot a great startup says Sonali De Rycker, General Partner at Accel, one of the world's leading venture capital funds with investments in the likes of Facebook, Spotify and Supercell to name but a few. Sonali joined Accel almost a decade ago from Atlas Ventures and is an expert in consumer, software and financial services businesses.

Starting out at Goldman Sachs, described as both a rewarding yet challenging environment to be in, Sonali shares the story of her early career before getting 'the bug' to work in VC in Europe. Speaking with Seedcamp Managing Partner, Carlos Espinal, Sonali talks about the distinct lack of companies in London when she started out and how the ecosystem has evolved over the years.

Tune in to hear insider information from Sonali on how best to run a scaling startup including information on boards, the need to listen - and not always fight to be heard - along with tips on fundraising and setting milestones.

Learn more about the culture in the Nordics and why there've been so many successful companies to emerge from the region along with Sonali's guiding belief that people create their own destiny.

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Introducing Seedcamp Fund IV: Partner Podcast

Following the recent announcement of our fourth fund which at first close of £41M is over 2x larger than our last and 20x bigger than our first, we are joined by Seedcamp partners Reshma Sohoni, Carlos Espinal, Tom Wilson and Sia Houchangnia who share our plans to invest in 100 new startups across Europe and take a look back at how the European ecosystem has evolved over the ten years since Seedcamp launched.

Seedcamp Fund IV brings together 60 LPs and features big business, venture capitalists and fund of funds from across the globe. Tune in to hear how Seedcamp has innovated its own offering which includes an increase in capital it will invest across pre-seed and seed stages and approval to invest in crypto tokens.

Read more about Seedcamp IV:

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Marketing guru Scott Brown on economies of content and nailing marketing fundamentals

Scott Brown is a veritable marketing guru, with decades of experience as an executive in Silicon Valley working with some of the world’s largest tech companies including the likes of Facebook, Cisco and Google during their hyper-growth phases. Speaking to partner Carlos Espinal, Scott -- who worked closely alongside dozens of Seedcamp companies on scaling their marketing, and go-to-market strategies during his time as Expert in Residence -- discusses how companies can nail the marketing fundamentals through his three laws: going back to the roots, building out a customer infrastructure, and documenting & experimenting.

"Consumers have so many options and channels these days that you need to hit them where they live," Scott argues. The answer to this lies in what he calls 'economies of content': "content is relatively expensive to create, yet distribution is becoming cheaper; so it becomes a marketing principle of how do you reduce, recycle and re-use that content across as many channels as you can." But pointing towards the evolution of the practice of marketing and skill sets involved, Scott cautions that because founders and marketers are so 'focused on what's coming next, they can lose sight of marketing fundamentals'.

Listen in for tangible steps and advice you can apply to your own business.

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BridgeU CEO Lucy Stonehill on driving innovation in Edtech and achieving international growth

Entrepreneur and former education consultant Lucy Stonehill experienced first-hand the pain points inherent in navigating the transition to higher education when she was an international student applying abroad herself. Confusing and opaque, the process has been largely pen-and-paper based for decades. Solving this pain point was the genesis of her company BridgeU, a tool which empowers schools to provide more intelligent, data-driven university and careers guidance than ever before.

In this live podcast, recorded to mark the fifth anniversary of Campus London, Lucy explains how BridgeU came about, and how it leverages data and innovation to better serve the education market. Seedcamp invested in BridgeU in 2014 and, speaking to partner Carlos Espinal, Lucy explains their journey from the company's early days through to internationalisation and growth -- culminating recently in a $5.3m Series A round. 'Seed investors really feel fundamentally focused on the vision and potential,' she says, 'while Series A more about the numbers' -- yet those numbers piece only get the door open, she notes.

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Polar explorer Ben Saunders on leadership, entrepreneurship and enduring extremity

In 2004 polar explorer Ben Saunders - aged 26 - became the youngest person to ski solo to the North Pole, carrying a 180kg sled over 1,420 miles through arctic conditions. Between October 2013 and February 2014, alongside Tarka L'Herpiniere, he made another record-breaking expedition, completing the first ever return journey to the South Pole from Ross Island. In November 2017 he faces his next daunting challenge: the first solo and unsupported crossing of Antarctica.

What lessons can we take from from Ben's expeditions -- 11 so far -- for entrepreneurs? There are resemblances to the founder's journey in terms of fundraising processes, preparation for operational complexities, enduring extremity, and the management of teams. "I wasn't only the CEO - I was the product, the thing we were shipping at the end of it," he says.

Speaking to Seedcamp partner Carlos Espinal, Ben discusses lessons learnt from his expeditions and the entrepreneurial parallels. "Self belief is something like a muscle - it kind of responds to being challenged", he argues.

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'Distributed Futures': Blockchain, Tokens and ICOs - Investors' Panel

At Seedcamp, we are passionate about identifying and investing early in startups using emerging technologies that have the potential to solve real problems. We began to invest in companies using blockchain technologies back in 2014 and our portfolio includes the likes of Clause, building the dynamic contracting infrastructure of the future, to Elliptic, providing the forensic tools with which to identify illicit activity on the blockchain. And we believe that there are several iconic companies of the future using blockchain technologies that are yet to be built.

If you missed our event on blockchain, tokens and ICOs, tune in to hear from our stimulating investor panel including Mariano Belinky (Managing Partner, Santander InnoVentures), Yann Ranchere (Partner, Anthemis Group) and Richard Muirhead (OpenOcean). The panel joins Carlos Espinal and Sia Houchangnia, and is introduced by Kyran Schmidt, from Seedcamp.

And check out our Facebook page for the live video of all the panels from the event:

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