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Christoph Janz, Managing Partner at Point Nine Capital

In this episode, Seedcamp Partner Carlos was joined by the experienced investor and entrepreneur Christoph Janz, Managing Partner at Point Nine Capital. The result is an in-depth conversation about investing in SaaS companies and the key KPIs to have in mind for this sector.

Listen to Christoph​ sharing his story​ about catching the “entrepreneurial virus” at just 12 years old​, and re-living some of the stories from his time as the co-founder of by and Pageflakes (acquired by LiveUniverse), as well as an investor in companies such as Zendesk, FreeAgent Central, Geckoboard and many others.

If you’re a founder, operator or investor in any globally ambition SaaS business then you’ll want to hear Christop’s take on key metrics that early startups should have in mind to scale their businesses and get his thoughts on everything from customer acquisition challenges to sales pipelines.

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The Legal Tech Sector explored with Tom Wilson

In this episode, Carlos was joined by our very own Tom Wilson, a qualified UK Lawyer and member of the Seedcamp investment team. Together, they took a deep dive into the Legal Tech sector, an area that Tom is particularly passionate about given his past experience (and headaches) as a lawyer prior to joining Seedcamp.

We touched upon defining the Legal Tech sector and the various sub sectors that make up the legal eco-system. We went on to discuss some of the topics that are making the Legal Tech space so interesting right now including: a push for increased transparency, tech solutions focused on the automation of processes (i.e. NLP etc.), the maturing ecosystem, the generational shift and more broadly the innovation (i.e.AI etc.) and areas of our interest taking place right now in legal services.

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Seedcamp Dives into scaling Human Resources with Lyst and CharlieHR

In this episode, Carlos was joined by Matt Buckland, Head of Talent and HR of Lyst (, the fashion commerce platform, and Rob O’Donovan, Co-Founder & CEO of Seedcamp-backed CharlieHR (, the free HR platform for small businesses. We took a deep dive into best HR practices, a really hot topic for companies that are scaling their businesses and looking for the best tools and practices to manage their teams.

The importance of creating a company culture is already common knowledge, but as part of this podcast we explore this in more detail by actually defining it with examples from Matt & Rob's extended experience. They touch on ways to institutionalise and organise the processes, how software can turn real social interaction into meaningful data, and the importance of having a smooth, genuine on-boarding process for your new hires.

Listen to great advice and real stories on what works best (or doesn’t) when it comes to categorising behaviour and getting a reality check on what does the new generation of hires find fulfilling in their roles - key defining elements that build up your brand culture and values.

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Sean Seton-Rogers, Partner at PROFounders Capital

In this episode of the Seedcamp Podcast Sean Seton-Rogers from PROfounders Capital meets Carlos to share some of the lessons learned over his career as an investor – from experiencing the “The Bubble” first hand to more recently being able to invest in almost 30 European companies in the last 5 years.

Sean has been working closely with great founders helping them to focus in the right things to make sure they can grow and are able to raise their next round.

Sean also shares with Carlos the story of his times through the “Social Wars” and how he met with Michael Birch and Xochi Birch founders of Bebo while at Benchmark and helped them grow through their acquisition by AOL.

Carlos and Sean also discuss the evolution of the startup ecosystem in Europe and how it became a relevant market for the US investor as well as the rise of Unicorns coming out of Europe.

Founder of Playfair Capital, Federico Pirzio-Biroli, on the future of investing in Africa

Seedcamp Partner Carlos Espinal had the chance to sit down with Playfair Capital founder, Federico Pirzio-Biroli, to discuss his background prior to starting Playfair and Co-Working space Warner Yard.

In this episode, Federico shares with us his passion for frontier markets, and his views on the opportunity to move the needle in those areas for the better, leveraging his experience in building Playfair and seeing the EU ecosystem develop over the years.

For more on Federico's latest move, check out the Business Insider piece covering his departure:

Harry Stebbings, Founder of the 20 Minute VC Podcast

Starting by scoring a first interview with Guy Kawasaki Harry Stebbings walks us through how he started his network from scratch and built his massive following for his 20 Minute VC podcast show.

In this podcast, Harry shares his story with Carlos giving unique insights on to some of the amazing marketing efforts that he has created to drive user growth and retain his audience all while highlighting the accomplishments of his interviewees. Discover how he uses channels like Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter to drive his audience to the show and how he discovered which channels best converted for him.

Jeff Veen, Design Partner at True Ventures, on How a Design Expert Views Investments

In the latest episode, Carlos was joined by Jeff Veen, Design Partner for True Ventures, a Venture Capital firm that focuses on supporting the earliest stage Founders and their teams. In the podcast, Jeff and Carlos discuss how a Partner with a design background views potential investment decisions, unearthing a lot of advice on design for startups in the process.

EIRs on Hypothesis & MVPs

In this episode, Carlos sat down with Seedcamp Experts in Residence, Keith Wallington (previously at Mimecast) and Taylor Wescoatt (previously eMoov, Timeout and eBay), to discuss product hypothesis and getting to minimum viable product. Both have played roles in scaling businesses and worked with many of Seedcamp's portfolio, recognising that a lot of companies have more validation for a service than is actually the case. As EIR's they work to ensure startups are testing their theories to validate their products in the right way.

In this podcast, the three discuss the topic "winners recognise their startup is a series of untested hypothesis" a quote from Steve Blank, author of The Startup Owners Manual.

Seedcamp Dives into Artificial Intelligence with Reinfer & IBM Watson

In the ‘Seedcamp Podcast Series’ we talk with key people in the tech startup industry to hear their stories, key advice and learnings from their experiences.

In this episode, Dr. Edward Challis Founder and CEO of Seedcamp-backed Re:Infer ( and Christoph Auer-Welsbach, IBM Watson Partner Innovation, joined Carlos to discuss Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and whether or not we will have to worry about humanity’s fate in the future.

With their experienced backgrounds, we covered the state of artificial intelligence today, some of the plausible uses and evolution of AI in the near term, and dispelling some of the myths around what is AI and what it can and can’t do.

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Julian Teicke, Founder and CEO of FinanceFox, on Building Great User Experiences in Insurance

In this episode, Julian Teicke, Founder and CEO of Seedcamp-backed FinanceFox joined Carlos to discuss Julian's background as a serial Founder and what his ambition is, which is to fix the whole user experience within Insurance.

Julian's starting with building relationships with brokers and slowly moving up the value chain as other elements of the value chain catch up in their innovation as well. The two talk about how startups can work with organizations that are a bit stagnant, but that understand the old world economy. They move on to discuss what a sci-fi insurance future might look like as well.