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Jonathan Moules, Financial Times

In this episode, Carlos was joined by Jonathan Moules, a long-standing journalist for the Financial Times. Jonathan imparts his wisdom having worked with entrepreneurs for over the last decade to deliver the best stories for the FT. He has worked through the first dot-com boom and switched focus in 2005 to focus fully on Founders. Jonathan provides great advice on how to tell the human element of a story, how best to create and build a relationship with a journalist, how to spot bad PR's and what stories work best for him.

Seedcamp Dives into Bitcoin & Blockchain

In this episode, Carlos was joined by Dr. James Smith and Jonathan Heusser, for a look into Bitcoin - what it is, what it means for the industry and how the startups developing within this new space. If you want to get to grips with Bitcoin and the future of payments, this podcast is the best place to start.

James Smith is CEO and Co-Founder of Seedcamp-backed startup, Elliptic. The company identifies illicit activity on the Bitcoin blockchain and provides services to the leading bitcoin companies and law enforcement agencies, globally. The team recently announced a $5M series A round to keep building out its blockchain forensics tool.

Jonathan Heusser is Founder of Queueco, a market maker for digital currencies. They develop a scalable, automated trading platform and deploy it globally to trade on all major digital currency exchanges. Their strategies rely on the latest statistical and machine learning techniques and support the digital ecosystem by adding much-needed liquidity.

Stefan Klestil, Partner, Speedinvest

Stefan Klestil, Partner at Speedinvest, joins Carlos for our latest podcast. Alongside Seedcamp, Speedinvest invested in Holvi (acquired by BBVA) and in Curve, the fintech startup that consolidates all your payment cards into one. In this episode, Stefan and Carlos talk through his career, investments in the FinTech space and how investors can best support their founders. Stefan also gives an insight into what Speedinvest looks for in startups and which geographies are of key interest for new startups working in the FinTech space.

Lars Fjeldsoe-Nielsen, General Partner, Balderton Capital

In this episode, Lars Fjeldsoe-Nielsen, General Partner for leading VC Balderton Capital, joins Carlos to talk through his career working at giants such as Uber and Dropbox, and other players in the mobile landscape. The two discuss his first-hand experience of being acquired and his work in teams that very quickly scaled to include hundreds of employees. Carlos and Lars also look at the three key elements that have built global successes Dropbox, Whatsapp and Uber; the team, simplicity of product and monetization strategy.

Damian Kimmelmann, Co-Founder and CEO, DueDil

In this episode, Carlos was joined by Damian Kimmelmann, Co-Founder and CEO of DueDil, a fintech company that provides accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date private company data.

After talking through Damian's background as a serial entrepreneur and the idea that built DueDil, we switch focus and talk through sales, looking at how to find and scale a b2b sales team.

Dimitar Stanimiroff, Managing Director, Stack Overflow Developer Insights at Stack Overflow

Dimitar Stanimiroff, Managing Director of Stack Overflow Developer Insights at Stack Overflow, a Q&A site for programmers with over 4 million members, joins Carlos and Dave for this deep dive into hiring.

Discussing everything from the hiring process, how to overcome challenges, hiring from within, and how to recruit technical talent if you're not technical.

Will Herrmann, Head of Commercial Operations,

Will Herrmann, Head of Commercial Operations for, joins Seedcamp's Dave Haynes in this podcast which follows's recent exit, having been acquired by Helpling. Following a session with some of our startups, Will discusses everything from scaling company operations following's Series A round to valuations and M&A.

Jon Bradford, Co-Founder of F6S and Tech.EU

Jon Bradford has played a key role in shaping the European tech ecosystem. Through his involvement in many accelerators (Springboard, Techstars, Ignite 100) and numerous supportive initiatives, he has had a big impact shaping the infrastructure that helps develop and build great startups across many Cities throughout Europe.

Carlos sits down with Jon in this Seedcamp podcast to talk through his personal journey, share insights into the many lessons learned from accelerating early-stage companies and what the future holds for him next.

Scott Sage, Expert in Residence, Seedcamp - Part 2

Scott Sage, Expert in Residence at Seedcamp, sits down with Carlos Espinal for the second in a three-part series. In this episode, Scott and Carlos discuss sales. They talk through sales execution, how to scale your sales process as your company grows, how this first develops outside of the core team when your product is ready to go to market and how to make your first sales hire.

Seedcamp Dives into Data Science

In this episode, Carlos was joined by Yodit Stanton and Verena Wimmer, to unpick exactly what we mean when we talk about Data Science, the role of the Data Scientist, how startups can think about using data and when to consider hiring for the role, which tools are best and what we'd like to see in the future. If you're ready to learn more about the power of data, this podcast provides a great place to start.

Yodit Stanton is Founder of new Seedcamp company Open Sensors, the Internet of Things startup providing public and private infrastructure for real-time data, she is also the organiser of Women in Data Meetups in London.

Verena Wimmer is Lead Data Analyst at Hassle, the online cleaning marketplace recently acquired by Helpling. Verena also organises Data Mates, which brings together data-wizards, journalists, and data-driven designers to tell beautiful stories with data every eight weeks in London.